Escrow Services

J.P. Morgan Escrow Services can help you mitigate risk for critical transactions. Our reputation as one of the world's leading escrow agents has been earned by a dedicated team that will work with you to close your escrow transactions promptly, accurately and securely.

With J.P. Morgan as your escrow agent, you receive:

  • Escrow experts… Dedicated team of professionals around the world experienced in delivering flexible solutions for a wide range of transactions.
  • Cross-border capabilities… From locations on five continents, our on-the-ground specialists can provide support on cross-border issues in all major jurisdictions.
  • Quick, reliable and responsive service… Agreements are reviewed promptly, accurately and securely by a team of document specialists, facilitating deal closure.
  • Integrated Solutions… Beyond escrow, we offer a variety of investment, foreign exchange and payment services.

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