Information Management

Document Archive and Retrieve (SM) for Public Sector Agencies

If your agency is burdened with retaining large volumes of documents for prolonged periods of time and you struggle with:

  • Managing ad hoc retrieval requests from constituents, staff, auditors, regulators and others
  • Dealing with storage space, security, retention and access challenges and how they impact your budget, productivity and ability to provide customer service

Document Archive and Retrieve, our Internet-based archive service, allows your agency to load, store and access digital forms, reports, data, and other documents with ease. Quick access to these high-resolution images in a central repository can lead to lower administrative costs and faster responses to internal and constituent inquiries. It enhances workflow management and productivity and features a fully redundant architecture for business continuity planning.

Other advantages help you:

  • Eliminate the need to maintain technology and specialized technical resources that go along with an in-house archive
  • Receive business continuity with dual-site backup
  • Control user setup and entitlements


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