U.S. Dollar Clearing - Asia Direct

As commercial payment flows across Asia grow, one of the key challenges global organizations face is expediting U.S. dollar payments to and from Asia.

One example is the untimely payment handoff between banks in China, which often results in a two- to three-day delay before your beneficiary bank account is credited with payment. This inefficiency may also leave you unable to achieve centralized payment visibility and reporting in a timely manner.

U.S. Dollar Clearing – Asia Direct revolutionizes how international payments and collections are made. You gain direct access into multiple U.S. dollar clearing systems across Asia through a single J.P. Morgan US Account. Intelligent routing technology also helps expedite your initiation-to-settlement cycle.

Faster payment flows across and into Asia

For U.S. dollar payments initiated within Asia, the payments will reach the beneficiary bank the same day. For payments initiated outside of Asia, they will reach the beneficiary bank significantly faster, bypassing the usual hierarchy of branches.


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