ACH Point-of-Purchase (POP) Check Conversion

Consumers continue to write checks at the time of purchase and processing these checks costs you time and money. With ACH Point-of-Purchase (POP) Check Conversion Service, eligible consumer checks are converted to ACH transactions at the time of the sale, so you can significantly reduce back-office labor costs, check deposit preparation and handling costs and check clearing fees.

A customer writes a check for a purchase at your business, where it is scanned using a magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) reader to capture check details. The payment amount and the payee name are either keyed or inserted by the reader at the time of purchase. After the customer signs a written authorization, the check is voided and returned to the customer with a copy of the signed receipt. Eligible transactions pass through the ACH system and a record of payment appears on the customer's bank statement.

How you benefit:

  • Reduce your back-office and check handling costs
  • Receive quicker collection of consumer payments
  • Improve your funds availability
  • Get notification of returned items sooner

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