Information Management

Account Services

For clients with deposit, custody and investment accounts with J.P. Morgan in a range of currencies, we provide time- and resource-saving account services. These services include Internet Demand Deposit Account (DDA) statements, account reconciliation services, paper and electronic information reporting, and account- and transaction-based alerts and notifications.

How you benefit:
  • Reconcile your business accounts faster — before paper statements arrive.
  • View data on investments, money market accounts, overdrafts and netting.
  • Statement transmission with encryption, unique ID numbers and passwords.
  • Streamline reconciliation and reduce administrative cost with online tools and automated reports.

Internet DDA Statements - receive statement information weeks before paper statements arrive and improve accounts reconciliation efficiently.

Account Analysis - get comprehensive balance and transaction data, extensive controlled disbursement information, and full account analysis.

Account Reconcilement - automate bank account reconciliation and reporting with quick access to accounts.


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