Transforming the way you monitor and manage your global cash.

J.P. Morgan ACCESS

J.P. Morgan ACCESS is a global cash management solution that integrates the services you need to manage cash balances, daily transactions and information—instantly, saving you time. Connect in the way that works for you—online, host-to-host, mobile or through your spreadsheet. All channels are supported by J.P. Morgan’s multi-level security protocol.


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See how J.P. Morgan ACCESS helps you connect in the way that works for you.

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J.P. Morgan ACCESS Online

A robust portal to manage all your cash management activities and user entitlements. Simple, intuitive, integrated


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See how J.P. Morgan ACCESS can help you save time.

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Highly intuitive and easy to use, J.P. Morgan ACCESS Online is a cash management solution that seamlessly integrates all treasury activities through a secure portal using a single authentication process. From one window, you can manage global cash, transactions and user entitlements, and configure information to fit the way you work—saving you time.

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  • Simple Navigation

    Critical services and information at your fingertips 
    Navigate to everything you need from the home page. View global balances, make payments, manage liquidity and FX, run reports. Customize global settings, find information through global search and get personalized alerts.

  • Consistent payment workflows

    A few clicks from a single screen 
    A simple and consistent approach to managing all your payment transactions – regardless of payment type. Create your own templates for recurring payments and lock fields for added security.

  • The information reporting you need

    Immediate, customizable, complete 
    View standardized, up-to-the-minute reports. Customize, schedule and share reports with colleagues.

  • Streamlined user administration

    Easy, fast and secure 
    Set up and manage users in minutes and view all entitlements from a single screen – by user, account or product. Create account and user groups easily to streamline the entire process.

  • Unparalleled client support

    Experience J.P. Morgan ACCESS Support and Community 
    Get product and service-related content, including user guides, training and how-to videos from our resource center.

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J.P. Morgan ACCESS Host-to-Host

Secure, reliable two-way data exchange from the global leader in cash management services.


J.P. Morgan ACCESS Host-to-Host enables you to automate and control transactions between your system and J.P. Morgan's global processing platforms. It offers a wide range of payment and information reporting services, and is available 24/7 around the globe. Host-to-Host integrates easily with your ERP systems, and is supported with sophisticated, multi-layered security protocols.

Host-to-Host is completely flexible

Consolidate your banking connectivity and leverage standard formats and features common to most financial institutions.
  • It uses the latest industry-standard formats compatible with your internal systems to simplify data exchange;
  • It offers a variety of ways to receive information—when and where you need it; and
  • It provides online services to help you manage your payments workflow.

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J.P. Morgan ACCESS Online Security Features

Innovative technology designed to help protect privacy and data integrity, including security features that you can implement

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How You Benefit from Host-to-Host

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Process payments faster

Consolidate payments in a single file for faster processing. Host-to-Host handles any payment type, multiple currencies and multibank payments.

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Experience greater flexibility

J.P. Morgan ACCESS Host-to-Host covers all industry standards and formats. File transmissions can be automated or manual, and information can be provided where and when you need it.

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Mitigate risk

To safeguard your transmissions, J.P. Morgan provides state-of-the-art risk controls, including message level authentication and sophisticated encryption technology.

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Consolidate reporting

J.P. Morgan ACCESS Host-to-Host provides a range of reporting to suit the way you work. Receive prior and current-day reporting from accounts with J.P. Morgan and other banks globally.

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Receive expert support

Our expert implementation team will guide you through the onboarding process, providing everything from setup and file testing to full documentation.

J.P. Morgan ACCESS Mobile

The power of J.P. Morgan ACCESS in the palm of your hand


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See how J.P. Morgan ACCESS Mobile keeps you connected anywhere, anytime.

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Through a secure, intuitive mobile application, J.P. Morgan ACCESS Mobile provides global cash management on smartphones and tablets. View and manage business-critical account information anytime, for informed and quick decision making.

Manage payments.

Approve or release wire payments to help ensure timely delivery.

Monitor global cash positions on the go.

View all J.P. Morgan and third-party bank cash management accounts and transactions by currency.

Customize your alerts, filter your searches.

Define and schedule alerts to meet specific needs. Quickly filter and search for information by currency, account and transaction.


View Trade instruments and transaction history; approve and reject transactions.

Virtual Remit.

Deposit U.S. denominated checks drawn on a U.S. bank, and upload documents at the point of receipt. View up to 14 business days of your desktop and mobile activity.


Take action on Positive Pay Exceptions or enter check issuance information.

Mobile File status.

View the status of your incoming and outgoing host-to-host file transmissions.

Multi-level security provides protection.

Protect your data with the full-featured, robust security of J.P. Morgan ACCESS Online – including secure sessions, encryption and authentication controls.

Multi-language support.

We support English, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, German and Portuguese.



J.P. Morgan ACCESS Mobile is compatible with Apple iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad® mobile devices iOS 9.0 or later and Android™ 4.4 or later smartphones and tablets.


J.P. Morgan ACCESS Insight

Make decisions and take action directly from your spreadsheet.


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See how J.P. Morgan ACCESS Insight can enhance the performance of your global cash spreadsheet.

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Manually populating spreadsheets to manage cash positions can be time-consuming and error-prone. Now, with J.P. Morgan ACCESS Insight, treasury managers can make the process more efficient, flexible and accurate—in one of two ways:

Either way, through the automation provided by J.P. Morgan ACCESS Insight, you'll be more efficient and more in control of your cash management.
  1. Use the Insight Wizard and Microsoft Excel® to create a customized spreadsheet that can be automatically populated with your bank account data.
  2. Or, you can use your existing spreadsheet with J.P. Morgan ACCESS Insight to populate your cash data from J.P. Morgan ACCESS.

Cash monitoring and reporting made even better

Real-time data, for greater accuracy

Refresh balance and transaction summary data, including multibank account information, whenever you choose—for greater accuracy and control.

Make payments directly from your spread-sheet

View balance and transaction detail and make payments via templates directly from your spreadsheet. That will save you time and help avoid errors in payment processing.

Set your own rules for reminders, to-do's

Stay on track and be even more efficient by setting up automatic reminders and to-do lists based on calculations within your spreadsheets.

Historical data for tracking trends

Save and retrieve historical data to better analyze your cash flow trends, for improved forecasting and decision-making.


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