With a broad array of investor solutions that span investment strategies, fund structures and asset types, you’ll benefit from the expertise we’ve gained in supporting institutional investors for more than four decades. We offer local support for your global investing needs, with operations in 30 countries and custodial network extending to more than 100 markets.

Amplify the power of your J.P. Morgan relationship by combining post-trade solutions with pre-trade, trading and treasury services: you’ll benefit from additional flexibility and enhanced efficiency in managing your investments and operations with our market-leading research and expert online tools.


Manage investments across 100+ markets - established, emerging and frontier.


Manage the safekeeping and servicing of complex investments with custody platforms designed to provide scale, automation and controls focused on asset safety. Investor support includes efficient income processing, corporate actions, intraday trade instruction and reporting, online proxy voting capabilities, class-action services, trust and fiduciary services, FX and more - from more than 30 operational centers globally.


Fund Accounting and Administration

Access accurate and timely NAVs delivered at scale by our integrated fund accounting platform, across global fund jurisdictions and fund types. Asset managers and asset owners benefit from a comprehensive bundle of services delivered through a seamless global operating model and highly integrated technology platform.


Benefit from the scale and processing power of an integrated accounting platform that delivers valuation across instruments, including complex derivatives. Our clients are supported by a global operating model that delivers accurate NAVs, leverages our proprietary workflow application and provides clients with transparency into our processes. Supported investment vehicles include registered (liquidity and mutual), unregistered, multi-manager and exchange-traded funds, commingled vehicles and separate accounts.


Investment Information Services

Analytics to help you understand investment performance within and across your portfolio, including risk factors, associated exposures and adherence to your investment rules.


Evaluate investment portfolios with a robust suite of investment analytics tools and services that provide insight into performance, exposure, risk factors, internal risk limits, compliance with environment and social investing guidelines, and violations of client-specified investment rules.


Middle Office

Optimize your investment operations to support evolving business priorities without straining your operating model, by leveraging the scale, infrastructure and technology investment of a global partner.


Access a full range of post-trade execution services designed to support institutional investors in today's complex global markets. Institutional clients can execute on their investment strategies by leveraging our extensive connectivity to their trading counterparties, settlement agents and service providers. Across asset classes, investors have access to timely trade and position management data, corporate action servicing, collateral management, investment book of record management, cash forecasting, data management, regulatory reporting support, and reconciliations and control.


Agency Lending

Enhance portfolio returns with customized agency lending solutions linked to our global equity and fixed income trading capabilities, for securities held in custody at J.P. Morgan or on a non-custody/third-party basis.


Institutional investors can tailor lending programs to meet specific risk/return requirements. Individual program parameters are supported by expert service and technology that delivers holistic trading, risk, reporting, analytics and market intelligence from four trading desks across 37 lending markets*.

*as of June 30, 2017


Collateral Management

Effectively manage your collateral to address financing, funding and liquidity requirements.


Efficiently manage collateral using innovative solutions for both collateral providers and receivers. Banks, broker-dealers, asset managers, insurers, central banks and pension funds can optimize their collateral portfolios with sophisticated analytic and eligibility tools and flexible bilateral and tri-party solutions. Global capabilities, supported locally, help institutions manage collateral around the world or onshore to meet increasingly complex financing and liquidity requirements.


Depositary Receipts

Access new investors or raise capital by making your shares available in more markets; expand your market profile and heighten brand visibility.


For more than 90 years, we've helped corporations structure DR programs that give them the flexibility and access necessary to achieve their strategic goals, while providing investors with an easy and convenient way to invest in companies outside their home markets. For market information on depositary receipts, please visit

J.P. Morgan Markets

One integrated platform for investor services that provides optimal focus on your assets and helps you manage your portfolio and activities.


*All data as of June 30, 2017.

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