J.P. Morgan Analytics+

Equities analytics solutions across the trade lifecycle
available on J.P. Morgan Markets

Designed to improve your trading desk and cost efficiency

J.P. Morgan Analytics+ is designed to improve your trading desk and cost efficiency. It drives smart decision-making throughout the trade lifecycle by serving as a dynamic feedback loop that delivers increasingly meaningful insights on your trades.



J.P. Morgan Analytics+

Equities analytics solutions across the trade lifecycle
available on J.P. Morgan Markets

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J.P. Morgan Analytics+

Key Capabilities


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Liquidity Analytics

Evaluate historical and intra-day liquidity analytics such as volume, spread and volatility profiles, next to our proprietary models.

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Strategy Comparison

Compare estimated costs and risks across multiple trading strategies to evaluate and select your optimal trading strategy.


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Stay updated with real time analytics across cash equities orders.

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Order Performance

Replay the life of an order across multiple venues, and against historical and intra-trade analytics to understand the drivers of slippage.


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Retrieve your full J.P. Morgan trading history across single-stock, program trading and electronic trading desks globally.


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