Company History

With a legacy dating back to 1799, we have a history of demonstrating leadership during times of both economic growth and financial instability.

J.P. Morgan’s leadership in the United Kingdom extends back to the middle of the nineteenth century. J. Pierpont Morgan’s father, Junius, was in the merchant banking business in London from 1854 until his death in 1890. In 1873, the Scottish American Investment Trust, a predecessor firm (Robert Fleming & Co. was sold to Chase Manhattan in 2000) was formed. In 1887, Jarvis-Conklin Mortgage Trust Company opened in London and through a series of mergers and reorganizations, this firm became part of the Chase Manhattan Bank.

Today, the firm has offices in London, Bournemouth, Glasgow and Edinburgh — with London serving as the headquarters of the EMEA region. The Bournemouth campus is the largest private sector employer in Dorset, offering technology and operational processing. The European Technology Center, based in Glasgow, is one of the largest technology employers in Scotland, with Edinburgh as the center for the Investor Services business.

Major milestones in the firm's history in the United Kingdom:

2008: J.P. Morgan plays an important role in helping manage the credit crisis through the acquisition of Bear Stearns.

1986: Chase opens an office in Bournemouth.

1979: Chase Manhattan purchases the Bank of Ireland’s 50% interest and renames it The Chase Bank (Ireland) Ltd.

1970: The First National Bank of Chicago (a predecessor firm) opens a branch in Dublin at 31 Dame Street. The branch moves to 44/45 St. Stephen’s Green in 1974.

1968: Chase Manhattan enters a joint venture with The Bank of Ireland to establish The Chase Bank of Ireland (International) Ltd. Chase takes a 50% interest in the venture.

1925: Central Union Trust Co. (a predecessor firm) opens a representative office. The office becomes a full service branch in 1938.

1910: J.S. Morgan becomes Morgan Grenfell & Co.

1892: Guaranty Trust (a predecessor firm) opens a representative office, mostly for correspondent banking. It becomes a full service branch in 1897.

1890: J. Pierpont Morgan becomes senior partner of J.S. Morgan & Co. in London.

1887: Jarvis Conklin Mortgage & Trust Company, a predecessor firm, opens in London.

1873: The Scottish American Investment Trust, a Robert Fleming & Co. predecessor firm, is formed.

1854: Junius Spencer Morgan, J. Pierpont Morgan’s father, partners with George Peabody in the English banking house of George Peabody & Co. He succeeds Peabody as head of the firm and changes its name to J.S. Morgan & Co.

1848: The Waterbury Bank opens, a predecessor of the Chase Manhattan Bank.

1824: The Chemical Bank is established.

1799: The Manhattan Company, the firm’s earliest predecessor institution, is chartered.


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