Company History

With a legacy dating back to 1799, we have a history of demonstrating leadership during times of both economic growth and financial instability.

Major milestones in the firm's history in Switzerland:

  • 2001: Following the merger of Chase Manhattan and J.P. Morgan in 2000, the two firms' private banking businesses in Switzerland merge, taking the name JPMorgan (Suisse).
  • 1989: Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. opens a branch in Zurich and also opens J.P. Morgan Financial Markets Ltd.
  • 1984: Chase Manhattan opens a full-service branch in Geneva, in addition to a representative branch and a subsidiary bank.
  • 1983: Chemical Bank expands its operation in Switzerland, opening a second branch in Geneva.
  • 1982: J.P. Morgan forms Morgan Guaranty (Switzerland) Ltd., a finance company that also engages in underwriting.
  • 1980: J.P. Morgan establishes a wholly-owned subsidiary bank in Geneva called J.P. Morgan (Suisse) S.A.
  • 1973: Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co, a predecessor firm, opens a branch in Zurich.
  • The First National Bank of Chicago, a predecessor firm, forms a subsidiary based in Geneva to co-manage Swiss franc bond issues and to broaden the bank's Eurobond trading activities.
  • 1971: J.P. Morgan establishes Morgan Guaranty Investment Services S.A. in Geneva, a wholly-owned subsidiary, to furnish investment advisory services to individuals and institutions outside the United States.
  • Chemical Bank opens a branch in Zurich.
  • 1970: The First National Bank of Chicago, a predecessor firm, opens a full-service branch in Geneva.
  • 1969: Chase Manhattan forms a new bank in Geneva, a wholly-owned subsidiary, The Chase Manhattan Bank (Switzerland).
  • Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. establishes a branch in Zurich.
  • 1966: Chase Manhattan acquires a 75% interest in Osterreichische Privat-und Kommercial Bank.  In 1969 Chase purchases the remaining 25% and renames the bank Osterreichische Kommerzialbank.
  • 1964: Chase Manhattan opens a representative branch in Geneva.
  • 1848: The Waterbury Bank opens, a predecessor of the Chase Manhattan Bank.
  • 1824: The Chemical Bank is established.
  • 1799: The Manhattan Company, the firm's earliest predecessor institution, is chartered.

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