Company History

With a legacy dating back to 1799, we have a history of demonstrating leadership during times of both economic growth and financial instability.

2010: J.P. Morgan grows the Natural Resources Group by investing in senior team members covering Oil & Gas in Calgary and covering Canadian Metals & Mining in Toronto
2006: J.P. Morgan Securities Canada Inc. becomes a participating organization of the Toronto Stock Exchange
2004: JPMorgan Chase merges with Bank One Corp. in a US$58 billion deal to provide investment banking, consumer banking and commercial banking services as well as to increase Treasury & Securities Services activity
2003: J.P. Morgan Securities Canada Inc. becomes a member of the Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corp. and a clearer of futures and options transactions on the Canadian exchanges
2001: Chase Manhattan Bank merges with Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York, forming JPMorgan Chase Bank
2000: J.P. Morgan is one of the first foreign banks to receive approval to establish a bank branch in Canada
1997: J.P. Morgan opens our office in Montreal
1996: Chemical Banking Corp. merges with Chase Manhattan Corp. in a US$10 billion deal, creating what was then the largest bank holding company in the U.S.
1994: J.P. Morgan establishes asset management business in Canada
1988: J.P. Morgan Securities Canada Inc. is the first U.S. securities subsidiary established in Canada
1982: Chase Manhattan Canada Ltd. receives charter as a Canadian bank
1981: Morgan Bank of Canada is the first foreign bank established in Canada after changes to the Bank Act
1980: J.P. Morgan of Canada Ltd. acts as the lead manager and co-agent for the province of Quebec’s C$400 million, five-year credit offering – the first major syndicated financing to a Canadian borrower entirely by a subsidiary of a foreign bank
1974: J.P. Morgan of Canada Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, opens an office in Toronto to extend short- and medium-term credit
1973: Chase Manhattan Bank Holdings, a Chase Manhattan Bank subsidiary, opens headquarters in Toronto 
1970: Chase Manhattan Bank, other foreign banks and the Royal Bank of Canada form the Orion Banking Group, a consortium for medium-term lending and merchant banking
1965: J.P. Morgan establishes a representative office in Toronto
Beginnings in Canada
1959: David Rockefeller, Chase Manhattan Bank chairman, begins traveling to Canada in order to explore opportunities
1949: Chase National Executor and Trustee Corp. Ltd., a subsidiary of Chase National Bank, opens an office in Toronto – the first physical presence in the country
Late 19th and early 20th centuries: J.P. Morgan offices in London and the U.S. invest in Canadian railroads, industries and municipalities

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