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  • Firm helps address youth unemployment in Ireland (selected)

Firm helps address youth unemployment in Ireland

Nov 16, 2012

The JPMorgan Chase Foundation has awarded three grants totaling nearly $600,000 to Irish employment programs, helping create jobs and stimulate business growth at a time when unemployment among the country’s youth has hit new highs.

The bank’s philanthropy program in Dublin is helping to address this escalating rate of youth unemployment through financial investment, employee engagement and professional advice. Ireland has lost more than 300,000 jobs since 2008, the biggest fall in employment of any advanced country since the financial crises began, which has led to the government focusing on a major job creation push.

The grants support the following:

  • The DCU Student Accelerator Program
  • Social Entrepreneurs Ireland
  • City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee (CDVEC)

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