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  • J.P. Morgan wins multiple awards across commodities (selected)

J.P. Morgan wins multiple awards across commodities

Jun 11, 2012

EnergyRisk magazine recently named J.P. Morgan the U.S. Natural Gas House of the Year, U.S. Emissions House of the Year and Precious Metals House of the Year.

In AsiaRisk’s Commodity Rankings for 2012, J.P. Morgan won second place overall and numerous top three rankings in sub-asset categories, including first in exchange traded crude oil and second in over-the-counter crude oil traded on the Dubai or Oman desks.

AsiaRisk identified J.P. Morgan’s onshore presence in China as a key to gaining entrance to local markets, including physical commodities. In other AsiaRisk rankings, J.P. Morgan ranked second in crude oil and refined products, third in precious metals, second in jet fuel, first in naphtha, second in coal, third in iron ore and second in emissions.


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