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J.P. Morgan launches new retirement plan advisor tool

May 30, 2012

Press Release

New York – J.P. Morgan Asset Management today introduced a new tool for retirement plan advisors to help them facilitate thoughtful conversations about 401(k) plan design and enhance plan sponsor decision making processes.

The J.P. Morgan Plan Design Guide helps retirement plan advisors evaluate and benchmark their clients' plans based on the sponsor's retirement benefits philosophy. Using a brief assessment, the tool charts the sponsor's standing relative to peers using two dimensions – their philosophy towards innovation and their level of plan investment. This methodology results in concrete next steps for plans across different mind sets to execute their strategy, potentially improve their fiduciary process, and drive better outcomes.

“Retirement plan advisors play a critical role in encouraging sponsors to think and act strategically about plan design; this tool provides a framework to enhance that conversation,” said Donn Hess, Head of Product Development, J.P. Morgan Retirement Plan Services. “In redefining how they think about plan design, sponsors can benchmark themselves against organizations that think the way they do and align around common goals for managing the plan.”

Plan Design Guide is based on in-depth proprietary research into the primary factors that influence plan design decision making. It offers a more objective way to evaluate plan effectiveness relative to a precise group of peers with similar retirement plan preferences and characteristics, allowing sponsors to identify realistic, actionable opportunities which may improve participant outcomes via strategies that match their philosophy.

“We have received positive feedback using this framework with some of our largest clients and are excited to be sharing this strategic approach with the retirement plan advisor community as they partner with plan sponsors to drive improved participant outcomes. This outcome-oriented goal is consistent with the focus surrounding our overall business and product development strategy,” said David Musto, Chief Executive Officer, J.P. Morgan Retirement Plan Services.


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