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GAVI Alliance donation supports roll out of two vaccines in Ghana

May 09, 2012

The first of 440,000 children started to receive vaccinations in Ghana last week, thanks in part to J.P. Morgan’s £1.5 million donation to the GAVI Alliance, an organization dedicated to providing immunizations in the world’s poorest countries. 

The firm’s donation, which was made last year and matched by the U.K. government for a total of £3 million, is now being used to purchase 1,337,144 doses of the pneumococcal vaccine, covering more than 40% of Ghana’s needs for a year.

Ghana is the first African country to simultaneously introduce the pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines to tackle pneumonia and diarrhea, which account for approximately 20% of the country’s mortality rate for children under five.

This donation further supports the firm's commitment to aid under-served communities and fund social entrepreneurs through the social finance group, and the work of the J.P. Morgan Foundation. In 2011, the firm pledged more than $200 million directly to community organizations and local not-for-profit organizations.


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