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J.P. Morgan launches mobile app for

Apr 18, 2012

J.P. Morgan recently announced the launch of a mobile application for its DR (Depositary Receipt) clients. The ADR Issuer Services app, which is free of charge and available for download via the iTunes app store, will provide J.P. Morgan DR issuer clients with instant access to business critical information housed on

Sharing the same functions and features as the Issuer Services section of, the mobile app will provide clients with access to their DR program information. Specifically, issuer clients will have access to the following:

  • Latest price performance data and graphs
  • Daily activity, issuances, cancellations with graphs
  • Index and select peer performance
  • Comprehensive daily trade report
  • Top issuing and cancelling brokers
  • Display SEC F-6 limits, threshold and current status

For market information on depositary receipts and international equities as well as J.P. Morgan’s depositary receipt services, please go to J.P. Morgan’s web site

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