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J.P. Morgan launches interactive sector models

Nov 16, 2011

Press Release


Hong Kong, 16 November, 2011 – J.P. Morgan today announced the launch of the Interactive Sector Models (the models). These user friendly models provide [top tier] institutional clients with a unique and innovative way to analyze earnings and valuation sensitivities, both for individual companies as well as sector aggregates, based on J.P. Morgan’s proprietary valuation models. The models cover nearly 500 companies and across 10 sectors in Asia ex-Japan.



  • All companies and sector models - including 3 years of estimates - in a single location
  • Ability to change key assumptions to see real-time impact on earnings, balance sheet and valuations
  • Sensitivity analysis for individual companies as well as sector aggregates
  • One-click reset to allow quick reiterations of sensitivity analysis

The latest product is part of J.P. Morgan Asia Pacific Equity Research’s continued effort to innovate and offer solutions to meet its clients’ needs.  “This is the first research tool of its kind available in the market and may change the ways in which earnings models are delivered in the future,” said Sunil Garg, Head of Asia Pacific Equity Research.


The new product enables clients to draw their own conclusions from J.P. Morgan’s extensive fundamental analysis.  “It offers an unprecedented experience over the standard analysts’ models as the tool allows clients to analyze data provided by J.P. Morgan and runs sensitivity analysis with our proprietary estimates to form their own conclusions,” Mr. Garg added.


The models will reflect all of J.P. Morgan equity analysts’ published data on the full set of companies under coverage in each sector and will be regularly updated to reflect changes in analysts’ estimates and share prices.  Further information on the Asia ex-Japan Interactive Sector Models can be obtained through your J.P. Morgan coverage professional.


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