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09 Apr 2014
2014 Distribution Policy – Challenging conventional wisdom about dividends and buybacks

Shareholder distributions have continued to increase worldwide in 2013, driven by both rising dividends and buybacks. Some of the distribution trends we observe today challenge the conventional wisdom about dividends and buybacks. This report highlights the “new conventional wisdom” on issues such as whether growth and technology firms pay dividends, the efficiency of share repurchases and the impact rising rates may have on shareholder distributions. The report further discusses how the evolving distribution landscape may impact capital allocation decisions.

20 Mar 2014
Corporate Finance With a Sprig of Basel — Basel III implications for non-banks

Global banking regulation has burgeoned in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The higher capital and liquidity requirements will increase the cost to banks of providing revolvers. This, in turn, might have consequences for firms whose liquidity needs lead them to rely on revolvers provided by banks. This report provides a brief description of the new banking regulations, explains the channels through which they could impact banks and non-banks, and discusses the corporate finance implications to non-bank corporations.

13 Feb 2014