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Commercial Card


Manage your J.P. Morgan card program more effectively with our easy-to-use, integrated technology.

Technology that helps you control card spending and centralize reporting should also simplify administration at each step of your procure-to-pay process.

PaymentNet® simplifies the management and reporting of all your J.P. Morgan card programs with a single, easy-to-use system. It enables you to enhance your workflow, automate traditional purchasing tasks and eliminate time-consuming paperwork before and after a purchase.

Before a purchase is initiated, PaymentNet makes your organization more efficient by providing internal spending and administrative controls that meet the needs of cardholders, managers and administrators.

Once a transaction is posted, PaymentNet offers the flexibility to accelerate approvals, reconcile transactions and enhance reporting. Your card solution can be customized to integrate PaymentNet data with your general ledger (G/L), ERP and other existing systems. At the click of a mouse, up-to-the-minute spending data can be quickly accessed at all levels of your organization for online information anytime you need it.

With PaymentNet:

  • Administrators can order new cards, modify spending limits, adjust cardholder profiles and monitor policy adherence.
  • Cardholders can review and dispute transactions.
  • Managers can access transaction details and comprehensive reporting enabling them to make better decisions and more accurate forecasts.

All of this is accomplished in a single system that evolves with your needs. Count on J.P. Morgan to tailor PaymentNet to your business objectives. Our industry-leading technology has the flexibility to easily adapt to your payment processes, accounting structure and organizational hierarchy for more efficiency throughout your entire purchase process.

Total Security Helps Prevent Unauthorized Usage

PaymentNet also delivers world-class security to help ensure only the right employees have access to the data they need. To safeguard against unauthorized usage, fraud or identity theft, PaymentNet includes:

  • Powerful SSL data encryption Internet protocol
  • Three-factor authentication login
  • Automatic inactivity logout
  • Configurable masking of account numbers
  • Authorized administrator control of credit limits and open accounts

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