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Chase Payroll Card

Chase Pay Card The Chase Payroll Card is a simple, cost-effective way to disburse payroll to employees that do not use direct deposit. Safer and faster than handling cash or checks, the Chase Payroll Card is a reloadable debit card that automates the payroll process — reducing paper, minimizing check-related fees and improving security.

Next payday, offer your employees something better than a traditional paycheck — give them a Chase Payroll Card.

Good for your business
  • Improve efficiency — Minimize time and errors associated with traditional payroll check processing
  • Control costs — Eliminate cashing, distribution, clearing, reissuing and reconciling paychecks
  • Leverage existing processes — Pay more employees using existing automated clearing house (ACH) direct deposit processing
  • Minimize risk — Reduce fraudulent check cashing and reissuing of duplicate checks
  • Easy management — Manage your program easily
  • Offer a new benefit — Differentiate your company in the employment marketplace
  • Boost productivity — Eliminate your employees’ need to leave work to cash their checks
Good for your employees
  • Lower cost and less hassle — Eliminate paycheck cashing fees; avoid complex application processes and credit checks
  • Pay is immediately available — Avoid picking up checks, standing in long lines or waiting for funds to become available
  • Convenient, 24/7 access to funds — Withdraw cash instantly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at more than 900,000 ATMs and 30 million merchant locations worldwide
  • Safety — No longer worry about carrying large sums of cash, as funds are safely deposited in an FDIC-insured Chase account
  • Better than cash — Use to pay bills or make purchases by phone, mail or Internet
  • Customer support — Receive bilingual assistance via Internet and phone – 24 hours a day, seven days a week
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