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Public Sector

Through our dedicated Public Sector Solutions team, J.P. Morgan provides treasury services to help government agencies and organizations collect public funds and data efficiently, manage documents and information securely, deposit and manage cash prudently, and disburse payments effectively. Looking for a trusted partner? Look no farther than J.P. Morgan.

Why J.P. Morgan:
  • Largest issuer of Visa-branded government prepaid debit cards
  • Introduced the first scalable online Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) solution for the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition program, traditionally one of the most paper-intensive government benefit programs

Our solutions help government finance officers and program officials manage their treasury needs, handle information more efficiently and control expenses. And our solutions are customized to meet the needs of:

Solutions Outside of the U.S. - treasury services and support to central governments and non-governmental agencies around the world

U.S. Federal Government - General Lockbox Network, U.S. Debit Card, GSA SmartPay® 2, GSA schedules and more

U.S. State Government - Tax processing, Electronic Benefits Transfer, child support, unemployment insurance, disaster relief and more

Local U.S. Municipalities - Business tax processing, court fees and fines, utility billing and more

Multicurrency Account Services

With Multicurrency Account Services, financial institutions, global corporations, fund managers and broker dealers can transact money transfers, disbursements and collections in a wide range of currencies from one or more accounts.


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