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Your healthcare business faces pressures far beyond escalating costs and competition. Complex regulations now require that you search for efficiencies, seek new ways to offer your services and migrate from paper to electronic data processing.

J.P. Morgan can help you meet those goals. For more than 30 years, we have worked with hospitals and health systems, insurers, private practices and nursing homes. Today, we serve:

  • More than 1,100 hospitals,
  • 10 of the top 10 health insurers,
  • Thousands of physicians’ groups, third-party administrators and other healthcare organizations,
  • The top five pharmacy benefit managers and
  • Six of the top eight pharmacy retailers.

Our treasury products and services can help you accelerate cash flow and optimize your organization’s working capital. In addition, by using products we have specifically designed for the healthcare industry, you can improve the accuracy of the information you need for efficient payment and remittance processing. To learn more about these products, including Healthcare Link for Payers, Healthcare Link for Providers and Health Savings Accounts, see below.

Whether you are coping with the impact of healthcare reform, trying to reduce costs, seeking to improve margins or trying to increase your working capital, put the experience and knowledge of J.P. Morgan Treasury Services to work for your organization.

Healthcare LinkSM

Facilitate the movement from paper to electronic claim remittance processing. Our solution automates the capture and passage of electronic files of explanations of benefits (EOBs) for faster, more accurate posting into your patient accounting or practice management system while still supporting legacy paper processes. See how it can help you.

Healthcare Link for Providers Healthcare Link for Payers

Account Services

For clients with deposit, custody and investment accounts, J.P. Morgan provides a variety of time - and resource-saving account services. These services include Internet Demand Deposit Account (DDA) statements, account reconciliation, paper and electronic information reporting, and account- or transaction-based alerts and notifications.

Accounts Receivable Check (ARC) Conversion

When your customers pay by check, Accounts Receivable Check (ARC) Conversion enables you to collect funds electronically through the ACH Network with the potential for faster collections and reduced float. Returns are also processed more efficiently, facilitating improved collection and enhanced credit and fraud risk management.

ACH Concentration Service

J.P. Morgan ACH Concentration Service enables the automated ACH transfer of funds from local bank accounts to a J.P. Morgan concentration account. Deposit reporting input can be by touch-tone telephone or headquarters entry.

ACH Point-of-Purchase (POP) Check Conversion

Leverage point-of-sale technology to increase speed of consumer payments, reduce return item risk and improve liquidity to enable quicker use of funds.

ACH Preemptive Processing Intelligence (PPI)

Improve your electronic payment collection rates by preemptively identifying exception items. ACH Preemptive Processing Intelligence (PPI) enables faster settlement by addressing return issues up front and using corrected return item information in a timely manner.

ACH Re-Presented Check (RCK) Conversion

Improve exception item processing with electronic collection of returned checks. Returned consumer checks can be submitted more efficiently and up to two additional times through the ACH Network, resulting in reduced payment collection times and improved funds availability.

ATM Business Deposit Card

The ATM Business Deposit Card is a deposit-only card that lets on-the-road employees deposit cash and checks.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

J.P. Morgan has ranked consistently as a top originator of ACH transactions by NACHA since the founding of the ACH network. We are also proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified, which demonstrates our unique commitment to providing exceptional customer service and enabling timely, quality transactions.

Back-Office Check Conversion (BOC)

Convert eligible checks received at the point-of-sale into electronic debits processed through the ACH network. You reduce check float and improve the potential for faster collections. Also, as returns are processed more efficiently, you improve collections and enhance credit and fraud risk management.

Bank Payment Obligation

The Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) is an irrevocable undertaking of one bank (typically, buyer's bank) to pay another bank (seller's bank) on a specified date after successful matching of trade-related data.

Bankruptcy Deposit and Investment Services

J.P. Morgan is one of the only providers that offer a one-stop solution of all the services you will ever need to administer your case - from claims administration through disbursement of settlement and plan proceeds.

Cash Consolidation

Our physical cash concentration and notional pooling services enable you to create a single, global cash position. Benefits include optimizing liquidity, offsetting long and short positions for self-funding purposes, and maximizing funds for investment.

Chase Direct Payment Card

An account-based, low-cost solution designed specifically for recipients of state and local government payments, such as child support, unemployment insurance and home energy assistance.

Check Deposits

Streamline receivables with cash letter options and check return services from the second-largest check processing institution in the United States.

Check Disbursements

Our paper check solutions offer a variety of services to improve funds management, information access and control. Streamline reconcilement processes and gain transparency in your transactions.

Coin and Currency

Get added flexibility for cash deposits and coin and currency orders.

Direct Transmission

Initiate your ACH file transmissions with an easy-to-implement, cost-effective solution that does not require proprietary software installation.

Document Archive and Retrieve (SM) for Public Sector Agencies

Allows your agency to load, store and access digital forms, reports, data, and other documents with ease.

Electronic Check (eCheck) Services

Choose from our electronic check solutions for converting consumer check and payment data into ACH debit transactions.

Electronic Collections

Simplify the collection of local and international funds through a single interface.

Electronic Payables

Initiate domestic and global payments via wire, ACH, and draft electronically to vendors, customers and employees to eliminate paper processing costs, delays and inconvenience. In addition, effectively manage your currency exposure.

Escrow Services

In an increasingly complex world, J.P. Morgan Escrow Services can help you successfully mitigate risk for critical transactions. Our reputation as one of the world’s leading escrow agents has been earned by a dedicated team that ensure your transactions close quickly, accurately and securely.

Export Finance

Expand sales while reducing foreign risk and improving cash flow.

Global ACH

Simplify international payment processing through a single interface. Global ACH (Automated Clearing House) offers secure transmission of disbursements and collections globally without the need to maintain multiple country-specific payment formats and bank relationships.

Global Trade

In an increasingly complex world, J.P. Morgan Escrow Services can help you successfully mitigate risk for critical transactions. Our reputation as one of the world’s leading escrow agents has been earned by a dedicated team that ensure your transactions close quickly, accurately and securely.

Healthcare Link for Payers

Our suite of services automates and integrates all aspects of payment and remittance advice processing for health insurers.

Healthcare Link for Providers

Automate the capture and passage of electronic files of explanations of benefits (EOBs) for faster, more accurate posting into your patient accounting system.

Image Deposit Direct

Whether you collect customer payments by mail, drop box or at a walk-in location, our solution provides end-to-end integration with your business processes and internal receivables systems to streamline your payment process through check imaging and multichannel clearing.

Imaging Solutions

Capture check images and data from your desktop, or deposit cash letters electronically.

Industry Insights

For more than 200 years, J.P. Morgan has provided clients with market-leading traditional trade, supply chain finance, export finance, and information management solutions. With hundreds of industry experts located around the world, we provide commentary on a variety of trade finance topics. Discover our thoughts on the latest industry news.


Our automated sweeps and direct placement capabilities give you access to a full complement of short-term instruments offered through J.P. Morgan, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, J.P. Morgan Securities LLC and third-party providers. From bank deposits to money market funds to fixed-income securities, clients can select investments suited to different types of cash: operating, reserve and strategic.

ISO 20022 Capabilities

The ISO 20022 XML standard is rapidly revolutionizing the way corporations integrate their core treasury, payable and receivable applications with banks' systems.

J.P. Morgan ACCESS®

Provides global access to treasury management transaction and information services through secured connections to our Internet and direct file management services.

J.P. Morgan FX Payments Solutions

An increasingly complex world offers new challenges and opportunities. As one of the leading global banks in foreign exchange, J.P. Morgan has the capabilities and expertise to help you navigate across any border.


We offer several lockbox solutions to help speed remittance processing for optimal availability to your funds.

Multicurrency Account Services

With Multicurrency Account Services, financial institutions, global corporations, fund managers and broker dealers can transact money transfers, disbursements and collections in a wide range of currencies from one or more accounts.

Pay ConnexionSM

Implement our integrated Internet, phone and call center solution, improve the efficiency of payments and provide convenient payment options for users.

Payments Fraud Prevention

Managing risk is easier with our suite of services designed to help you identify fraudulent payments, block them from your account and give you review and control over incoming payments.

Self-Serve Inquiry and Resolution Management

You can service, report and track issues involving incoming and outgoing funds transfers and ACH U.S. Dollar origination transactions — all online 24 hours a day, seven days a week from your desktop, laptop or wireless device.

Single-Use Accounts

Single-Use Accounts is an electronic card-based payment solution for larger, single purchases that combines the control of checks, the convenience and rebate revenue of a card, and the efficiency of e-payment.


SWIFT provides the communications infrastructure, products and services that connect more than 9,000 financial institutions, securities institutions and corporate clients in 209 countries.

SWIFT for Corporates

SWIFT for Corporates helps you standardize communications with your global banking network. SWIFT’s community of users encompasses a quickly growing number of corporate clients.

Tax Payment Services

A secure, simple, convenient application that allows taxpayers to initiate US federal government, state and local taxes via the Web or a touch-tone telephone.

Total SettlementSM

Utilize Total Settlement(SM) for a rapid deployment approach to Accounts Payable automation by processing all your payments via a single channel.

U.S. Dollar Clearing - Asia Direct

U.S. Dollar Clearing – Asia Direct revolutionizes how international payments are made. You gain direct access into multiple U.S. dollar clearing systems across Asia through a single J.P. Morgan Multicurrency Account. Intelligent routing technology also helps expedite your initiation-to-settlement cycle.

Virtual Remit

Virtual Remit is our lockbox remote capture solution that enables clients to capture and transmit remittance data and images directly from their desktop with a single scanning device that accepts U.S.-denominated checks, coupons, envelopes and full-size documents.


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