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Centralized Trading Centers

This 17-page Centralized Trading Centers (CTC) white paper titled “Creating Value Using Centralized Trading Centers” has been jointly developed by J.P. Morgan and KPMG. It focuses on why CTCs are important and how it can benefit a corporation, how businesses are using CTC, as well as practical considerations when planning and implementing a CTC. An English and Simplified Chinese versions are available.


Navigate the Rise of the Global RMB

This RMB Thought Leadership booklet is relevant to both the financial institutions and corporations, and includes a compelling collection of insights from J.P. Morgan subject matter experts and senior business heads within the Corporate and Investment Bank. It covers two broad RMB themes of Investment, Capital Raising and Funding, as well as Settlement. The articles focus on the emerging trends in the development of the RMB, and various topics include the opportunities and developments in the offshore RMB bond market, FDI in RMB, and how financial institutions looking to navigate the RMB environment can develop a clearing strategy. The two sections on One Currency, Two Markets, provide a concise guide to the products and services available in the market, China’s cross-border regulations, how the current systems operate, and the developments that can be expected in the coming years.

Insights from the ASEAN Asia Banking Forum 2013

This thought leadership booklet showcases 4 relevant and well-received discussion topics which were presented at our proprietary ASEAN Asia Banking Forum 2013, which was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 24 to 25 April. Topics include Economic Risks and Uncertainties, Trends and Opportunities in Global Trade, Liquidity Management, and What Corporations Want from their Banks. The booklet also includes client testimonials and photos taken at the event.

Powering Global Business

This compendium examines some of the biggest issues affecting treasurers dealing with Asia today, including key themes around operational and working, capital efficiencies, liquidity management, risk management, trade finance and technology. The collection of insights from J.P. Morgan subject matter experts also examines trends, developments and opportunities in Australia, India, Japan and up and coming frontiers like Southeast Asia.

Cybercrime: This Is War

The list of cybercrime threats goes on. As the world becomes more connected, cybercriminals are becoming more adept, innovative and successful. How do organizations protect themselves in this high stakes game of corporate account takeovers, fraud and data and identity theft? Learn about best practices from the experts at the center of this escalating battle.

Electronic Alternatives Improve Treasury Performance

Electronic Alternatives Improve Treasury Performance white paper speaks to the multitude of benefits organizations of all sizes can achieve by eliminating paper processes from their treasury operations. This white paper includes best practices, case studies, statistics and other relevant information for helping organizations to build a business case to Go Green.

360o - Views from J.P. Morgan

This compendium examines the opportunities and challenges that financial institutions face in building a global presence and serving their growing corporate clients, including key themes around regulatory developments and their implications, evolving market structures, foreign exchange and liquidity management, trade finance, collateral management and technology and innovation.

Optimizing for Business Growth in Asia

Rich business opportunities in Asia are driving corporations and financial institutions alike to expand into and across the region. In a diverse Asia, however, one size most definitely does not fit all. How best can financial institutions and corporations structure and optimize their financial processes and business models? This paper explores critical considerations and optimization options in the hunt for growth in Asia.

The Relationship Between Treasury & Procurement

Multinational corporations continue to explore methods of driving further efficiency internally. Treasurers are increasingly being tasked with improving a company’s working capital while Procurement professionals are motivated to manage risk and increase the resilience of the supply chain. These factors, among others, are heralding a closer relationship between each group with the outlook of increasing the contribution to the overall prosperity of their institution. This new guide looks at some of the opportunities for even greater collaboration between the two business functions, but also explores some of the potential challenges that arise when bringing the two areas closer together.

Payments Fraud: The Battle Continues

As the payments landscape continues to evolve, so too does the skill and cunning of the criminal element that seeks to infiltrate payments systems. Businesses everywhere are challenged to secure new payment types, new communication and transaction channels and an increasingly mobile workforce who access business applications from many different devices.


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