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Invoice Transaction Fees

While suppliers can receive transactions from their buyers via Order-to-Pay for free, invoice transactions incur a per invoice fee (U.S.-based suppliers only). There are no fees for Purchase Order (PO) receipt or PO Change Requests, Remittance Advices or Payments.

Invoice Volume Discount Program
Invoice fees on Order-to-Pay are capped at a low rate and are based solely on the number of invoices submitted per month. In addition, all U.S.-based, invoicing suppliers with an Order-to-Pay account are automatically set up on the Order-to-Pay Volume Discount Program as soon as billing registration is complete.

The Volume Discount Program prices are based on monthly volume tiers and offer significant price breaks at each successive volume grouping.

Pricing Tier Monthly Invoice Volume Unit Price
Level 1 1st to 10th Invoice $3.00
Level 2 11th to 100th Invoice $1.50
Level 3 101st to 1000th Invoice $0.75
Level 4 1,001st to 10,000th Invoice $0.37
Level 5 10,001st Invoice and Greater $0.18

How it works:

  • Each invoice submited via Order-to-Pay, regardless of buyer, is included in the monthly volume total.
  • Once the monthly invoice volume surpasses a Pricing Tier's upper threshold, the next price level will apply to the transactions above that threshold. For example:

    ACME Company, Inc. processes 25 invoices in August. The chart below shows the ACME billing statements for the month.
August Billing
10 Inv. x $3.00 ea. = $30.00
15 Inv. x $1.50 ea. = $22.50
Total = $52.50

  • Suppliers may pay monthly invoice fees via credit card or direct debit to checking or savings accounts. Payments are automatically processed so no action is required on a monthly basis.
One Percent (1%) Cap
  • To ensure monthly fees are fair and reasonable, invoice transaction fees are capped at 1% of the total value of the month's invoices. Monthly transaction fees in excess of 1% of the total value of the month's invoices will be applied as "Account Credit" on the following month's statement.

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