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International Image Deposit Centers

Expedite international check clearing and accelerate funds availability while minimizing costs and risks

A growing number of your customers are no longer writing checks, and are turning to more advanced electronic payment initiation methods. This change means a new reality of decreasing paper check volumes and increasing processing costs for your financial institution.

  • How will you process paper cost effectively?
  • Are you prepared to rethink your check-processing infrastructure to capitalize on the changing landscape?

J.P. Morgan, on the leading edge of this global shift, can help streamline your check processing operations through our state-of-the-art International Image Deposit Centers:

Bournemouth, England
Hong Kong*
Jakarta, Indonesia
Karachi, Pakistan

Each facility is equipped with the necessary hardware and software to scan, digitize and transmit your check images to the United States, expediting check clearing and funds availability.

Recent U.S. legislation allowing for substitute checks has made way for less costly and more efficient check processing systems. We can help you leverage all the advantages of substitute checks and other check processing technologies.

Key features and benefits

  • Reduce costs associated with transporting paper checks, including the costs of courier services for transportation to the United States.
  • Minimize the risk of transporting the physical paper checks for settlement.
  • Improve efficiencies and lower costs by streamlining your check processing operations.
  • Reduce check float, in the long term, when check images are cleared electronically as more banks enter into electronic image exchange.
  • Identify check fraud more quickly with electronically transmitted return notifications.

How it works

Prepare your U.S. dollar check deposits the same as you do today. Then, send them to one of our image deposit centers by courier.

Once your items arrive at our facility, we balance the items, scan, test for image quality and transmit to the United States where we print the images as substitute checks for clearing. Original checks will be securely retained for a pre-determined period of time.

Because images and data from the original paper checks are captured in the region where they are collected, costs are reduced. In addition, the risk of losing checks is minimized and delays associated with inclement weather and mechanical problems are eliminated.

Additional solutions

International Cash Letter – Clear and settle U.S. dollar check deposits through our International Cash Letter services. Our tracking and control features along with SWIFT messaging helps ensure you of security and immediate information regarding your funds availability.

Multicurrency deposit and collection services – Expedite the collection of funds on foreign-denominated checks and checks drawn on foreign banks through our overseas branch banks and international alliance network.

Secure collections – Take advantage of our state-of-the-art package tracking and fraud review process for secure and efficient check collections. Capitalizing on the latest technology and cutting-edge practices, we can help you satisfy your global requirements for a complete check deposit and collection solution.

*People's Republic of China
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