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Electronic Check (eCheck) Services

Choose from our electronic check solutions for converting consumer check and payment data into ACH debit transactions. You benefit in multiple ways, including:

  • Reducing processing and back-office costs
  • Improving collection rates, clearing and funds availability
  • Viewing images of source documents online

The following check conversion services are designed to meet your ACH message formatting and authorization / notification requirements:

Back-office Conversion (BOC) - Checks received at the point of sale are converted to single entry ACH debits from a back-office location
ACH Point-of-Purchase (POP) Check Conversion - Checks tendered at the point of sale are converted into ACH debits
Accounts Receivable Check Conversion (ARC) - Checks captured in a lockbox or drop box are converted into ACH debits
ACH Re-Presented Check (RCK) Conversion - Checks with a value under $2,500 returned for insufficient or uncollected funds are converted to ACH debits

Additional Solutions

Telephone-Initiated (TEL) - One-time debit to a consumer's account based on a telephone authorization by the consumer
Web-Initiated (WEB) - One-time or recurring debit to a consumer's account based on a Internet-based authorization by the consumer

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