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Check Disbursements

If your operation initiates paper checks, choose from solutions designed to help you save time and money by reducing administrative resources, controlling idle balances and optimizing loan and investment opportunities.

How you benefit:
  • Streamline and simplify daily disbursement processes
  • Access detailed account information and early knowledge of disbursement totals
  • Automate reconciliation and improve customer service
  • Manage a variety of disbursement activities via the Internet
  • Maximize control over your daily cash position

Account Reconciliation - reduce the expense and time associated with reconciling your outstanding or paid checks

Controlled Disbursements - control idle balances to optimize loan and investment opportunities and maximize idle funds

Fraud Prevention - reduce the risk of paying fraudulent check items by integrating these tools with your other payables services

Payables Web ServicesSM (PWS) - a comprehensive, easy-to-use online solution for managing disbursement activities, minimizing risk and streamlining account reconciliation processes

Check Print Services - with one payments file, J.P. Morgan prints and mails your checks and provides integrated fraud protection services

  • Network Check Conversion is a new Check Print capability which converts your check disbursements from paper to image and then efficiently routes the electronic payment and remittance details to the lockbox of a J.P. Morgan receivables client. Benefits include:
    • Decreased payment distribution costs - by an average of $0.21 cents per item
    • Convert between 5-15% of items (depending on your industry and payment type)
    • Reduction in energy consumption required to mail checks

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