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Card Solutions for the Federal Government

Our card solutions are designed to streamline ordering, procurement, payment and administrative procedures and reduce administrative costs. We help you take advantage of innovative, state-of-the-art technology by providing access to highly secure electronic systems. Looking for more out of your card programs? Looking to Earn More Refunds? Look no further than J.P. Morgan.

Why Select J.P. Morgan for Your GSA SmartPay® 2 Program?

  • Proven Service Excellence. We are an established government card issuer with nearly 10 years experience in providing purchase, travel, fleet and integrated card solutions to the federal government under the GSA SmartPay® contract. We continue to deliver superior levels of service to the government, consistently earning high customer service ratings at the annual GSA SmartPay® Conference.
  • Bringing Industry Leadership to GSA SmartPay® 2. J.P. Morgan is the second largest purchasing card provider in the United States as measured by volume (The Nilson Report 2008).
  • Earn More Refunds. J.P. Morgan has demonstrated success in significantly growing commercial and government card program volume using our virtual single-use card account solution and our team of industry experts. Card program growth yields increased refunds, program efficiencies and improved cost savings.
  • Singularly Focused to Support GSA SmartPay® 2. Over 765 J.P. Morgan employees are dedicated to card solutions. Senior management has set its focus on the GSA SmartPay® 2 program, enabling us to offer dedicated management resources, experienced card personnel and advanced technological solutions.
  • Seamless, On-Time Transition. Our experienced card transition team has successfully implemented over 1,800 commercial and public sector card programs over the past 20 years. This includes transitioning a federal agency from one GSA SmartPay® contractor to J.P. Morgan over an intensive 90-day period. We have the largest, dedicated implementation team in the industry.
  • Dual Issuer. We are a dual issuer of Visa® and MasterCard®. You select the card association that works best for you.


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