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GSA SmartPay® 2

PaymentNet® - technology to manage your card programs

PaymentNet® simplifies the management and reporting of your J.P. Morgan SmartPay card program with a single, easy-to-use system. You'll enhance your workflow, automate traditional purchasing tasks and eliminate time-consuming paperwork before and after a purchase.

PaymentNet makes your agency more efficient with internal spending and administrative controls that meet the needs of cardholders, managers and administrators. Once a transaction is posted, PaymentNet offers the flexibility to accelerate approvals, reconcile transactions and enhance reporting. Your card solution can be customized to integrate PaymentNet data with your accounting system. At the click of a mouse, up-to-the-minute spending data can be quickly accessed at all levels of your agency for online information anytime you need it.

Benefit from customized information flow according to your agency hierarchy or accounting structure. Your cardholders can review and edit transactions on the same system that accelerates expense approval for managers.

Why J.P. Morgan's PaymentNet?

  • Automates administrative tasks by simplifying approvals and replacing paper expense reports.
  • Helps you manage spending more effectively and better enforce spending policies before a transaction is even initiated.
  • Provides real-time reporting options helping you manage budgets and monitor spending compliance.
  • Enables you to enhance your program with additional options
  • Offers line of accounting data that can be mapped directly into existing software, general ledger accounts or ERP systems to significantly reduce data entry and improve your savings.


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