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Declining Balance Accounts

Our card professionals can work with you to expand the benefits of your card program. At your direction, we'll establish a declining balance account with a spending limit and expiration date that can be set to your unique needs.

Credit limits are not refreshed each month like your other cards. Instead, transactions reduce the "available balance" or credit limit you set until the amount is spent or the expiration date takes effect. You can also selectively limit usage by merchant category codes similar to our standard card accounts.

This option works best as a one-time use account. At the end of the period, you can establish a new account with a new credit limit and expiration period.

Declining balance accounts are typically used for these applications:

  • Project Card — Control your costs, improve reporting and consolidate the expenses associated with a specific project or event. Project Cards are issued to a specific person or a small group of employees associated with the project. Project expenses can be monitored throughout the life of the project or up to the project's funded credit limit.

  • Academic Grant Card — As an industry-leading card provider for higher education, we can help you improve tracking and control spending for specific grants. Our academic grant programs can cover a single event or multiple academic grants, based on the duration of the grant and your needs. All cards tied to the academic grant can also be linked with spending limits and merchant blocking that you control.

  • Relocation Card — Keep tabs on relocation expenses associated with transferring employees to new cities and eliminate expense reporting, tracking and reimbursement. Spending limits can be matched to mirror relocation budgets. Merchant blocking can also be set at your discretion to determine certain vendors and how the card is used.


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