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Global Commercial Card

Commercial Card for Local and State Governments

Reduce the cost of your agency's procure-to-pay process without compromising control or convenience.

Studies* show that state agencies using commercial cards save an average of $101 on each purchase order (PO), while local governments save $46 per PO. Multiply these savings by the hundreds of POs processed daily, and it's no wonder that commercial card spending in state and local governments more than doubled recently.

J.P. Morgan's Commercial Card helps local and state governments realize these savings, simplify your procure-to-pay process and minimize fraudulent spending with advantages such as:

  • Flexible spending limits — Control purchasing more efficiently with standardization based on National Institute of Government Purchasing (NGIP) commodity codes
  • Comprehensive reporting — Leverage transaction data for more informed decisions and better vendor management
  • Integrated transaction data — Enhance your general ledger, ERP and other existing systems with a more complete picture of agency spending
  • A worldwide integration and support partner — Our experienced organization allows your program to realize it full value

While our program eliminates many of the tasks associated with traditional POs, we also leverage the capabilities of our industry-leading technology — PaymentNet® — to design a scalable program that helps you manage responsibilities to your constituents, meet today's challenges and prepare for future needs. Flexible spending controls will help you better control procurement at all levels of your agency, while comprehensive reporting opens a new world of opportunities such as data for improved vendor negotiations.

We understand your agency is unique and dynamic, requiring more than an off-the-shelf card program. Our government experience and technology allow us to tailor a solution that significantly reduces your costs, limits fraud and allows you to redirect resources to more strategic initiatives.

* R. Palmer, M. Gupta, A. Davila, T. Mills, "Purchasing Cards Come of Age: A Survey of State and Local Governments," Government Finance Review (August 2002).


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