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Electronic Payables

Initiate domestic and global payments electronically via wire, ACH, and prepaid card to vendors, customers and employees to eliminate paper processing costs, delays and inconvenience. In addition, effectively manage your currency exposure.

How you benefit:
  • Streamline payment processing
  • Shorten settlement time
  • Improve collection rates
  • Reduce the risk of fraud
  • Improve cash forecasting and reconciliation

ACH Services - take advantage of J.P. Morgan's experience as a top ACH originator and our ability to facilitate timely, quality transactions such as tax, payroll and other ACH payments

Global ACH - simplify international payment processing electronically through a single interface

Cross-Currency Payment Services - execute payments throughout the world

Funds Transfer - Initiate domestic and cross border funds transfers.

Insurance and Benefits - Distribute single or recurring insurance and benefits payments to policyholders via convenient and easy-to-use prepaid cards.

Payroll - Securely, quickly and efficiently pay employees, temporary workers and agents with alternatives to traditional check-based payroll, including ACH direct deposit and our instant-issue, re-loadable payroll card

PaySourceSM - initiate global payments via a single, industry-standard file with instructions for wire transfers, checks, ACH and cross-currency payment transactions.

Patient Payments Suite - Accelerate cash flow and reduce administrative costs while offering your patients greater bill pay choices (in person, by mail, by phone or over the Internet using checks, credit and debit cards, and direct debit of a checking or savings account)

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